Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Robin and John

The location was unique in that it offered a large field high above the Yellowstone with expansive view of the river and Paradise Valley, and a century old barn built right on the banks of the river.  This allowed for an incredible two-course wedding; the vows and tented dinner set against the awe-inspiring scenery of Paradise Valley and reception, a true old style barn dance.  To bring a feeling of authenticity, the barn was lit with wonderful old school lights.  10 Foot tall and 80 Proof was the perfect band to compliment the feeling the couple was looking to achieve.  Old timers and locals joined the guests and shared tales of the barn’s storied past as a center of social activity for that part of the Valley.  This wedding was an incredible event, a wonderful celebration of the couple’s love and a very personal chapter in the history of the old barn that gracest their property. 

Venue: Private Home
Make-up: Indulgence
Flowers: Avant Floral

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