Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What to Wear!

We get this question from couples and guests alike.  Over time, the definitions of dress have blurred a bit so it can get a bit confusing, especially when you get to the less formal looks.  Personally, we believe in dressing up to celebrate such an important day.  A wedding is not an everyday gathering and we think it’s appropriate to express the importance of the day. 

A few things to consider…..

  • We love a man in a jacket and tie.  Sure you might feel like you’re overdressed but you can always loose the jacket and tie.  Better to be a bit overdressed then underdressed.
  • Women should consider the venue when picking shoes!  That pair of Christian Louboutin’s is perfect for a resort wedding but you’re going to have problems at a tented wedding on natural ground.  Also, keep in mind some ski resorts have snow decks which are metal grids so the snow can melt.  Heels are a very bad choice in this intance. Not only are you going to ruin your shoes, you might just break an ankle.  Our suggestion if you are wearing heels…throw a comfortable pair of flats or sandles into you bag.  Better to have them if you need them than to suffer the entire wedding. 
  • Black tie and Formal are pretty much defined looks.  For Montana Formal and and casual, take into account the couple getting married. You know your friends and should be able to guage the dress based on their personalities.  When in doubt, overdress.  You can always throw a more casual look in the car and change if you feel you really overdressed.  Something to keep in mind is even if your friends are pretty casual, their parents and extended family will be at the wedding and we think its nice to let them know you appreciate the importance of the event. Personally, we always love to see that couple that seizes the opportunity to celebrate their friends big day by dressing up. 

The Looks

Black Tie: 

A black tie event is very formal dress and there is really not a lot of leeway.  If you are not in a tux or gown, you will be underdressed.  It’s a clearly defined look.
Men – Black Tie means tuxedos and a black tie, generally a bow tie.  Tuxedo style is up to you, but we love a classic shawl look.  Timeless, clean, elegant, sophisticated and classic.  A nice pair of black shoes should complete your look.  If you do not have, or cannot get a tux, at the very least you should wear a dark suit and dark tie, preferably a bow tie.
Women – Gowns are the appropriate attire for a black tie event.  This is the type of event where you can really dress up, all the finery from earrings to your shoes. If you cannot get a gown, wear your most formal dress.  If you go short, you are going to stand out so keep that in mind.


Even though ‘Formal’ is a dressy look, there is still some room for personal interpretation.  Men can vary shirt color, ties and shoes and women can dress it up or down with jewelry and shoes. 
Men – Suits are the expected dress at a formal event.  Dress it up with a colorful tie if you like.  Dress shoes to match your suit.  At the very least, you should wear dress slacks, dress shirt, a blazer and a tie.
Women – A cocktail dress is appropriate for a formal event.  If you don’t wear dresses, a dress suit is also acceptable.  Wear shoes appropriate for the venue.

Montana Formal: Semi-Formal

Montana Formal can be all over the place, but we definitely have our thoughts on the look.  It should not be confused with casual.  Montana Formal is still dressy, but with a fair amount of room for personal style. And if you have a trophy buckle…by all means wear it!
Men – We have seen Montana Formal all over the place, but in our professional opinion, the proper attire would be slacks or nice jeans, a dress shirt, blazer and tie.  Western cut is fine.  Dress shoes, boots, or casual shoes are appropriate.  Cowboy hats are acceptable. Though we consider it a bit underdressed, slacks or jeans with just a blazer or just a tie is acceptable. 
Women - We prefer a nice dress, whether it’s the versatile little black dress or a colorful sundress.  We see lots of girls in fun dresses and boots at these weddings.   Boots, casual shoes or dress shoes are all appropriate.  We also see women in Western wear (jeans and a dress western shirt), which in most circumstances we consider a bit underdressed.


Casual is really all over the map.  We recommend taking into account where the wedding is being held and your friend’s personalities as guidelines. 
Men and Women – Even though it’s casual, you should still look nice.  If you are wearing shorts, make sure they are hemmed and not cutoffs.  If you are wearing jeans, make sure there are not holes in them.  In our opinion, t-shirts are never really appropriate for a wedding.  A nice collared pullover is a great option.  Shoes suited for the venue or location are appropriate. 


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