Friday, October 28, 2011


Without the action.  Lighting can play a critical role in achieving the perfect wedding day look.  From nuanced lighting at a table-top level to dramatic room-enhancing mood lighting and effects, the use of lighting as a focal point can take your wedding to the next level.  Whether you looking to achieve a rustic dancehall effect in a rustic barn or create an extravagant ballroom feel, there are a variety of lighting options available to shine a a perfect light on your wedding day.  There are way to many interesting lighting options to fit all types of budgets to just settle on dimming the house lights.  Whether you choose special lighting that offers an interesting small focal point on each table, or decide to bath your guests in lighting effects that create a winter forest feel....its a little something extra sure to wow your friends and family and create the perfect feel for your wedding day.

All Design by: Katalin Green Design
Flowers: Avant Floral

1 - 3: Lauren Brown Photography
4 -5: Katalin Green Design
6: Mary Donald
7-8: Katalin Green

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