Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons ....or in this case Snow!

It's late October, so this post seems very appropriate.  This Big Sky wedding was originally set to be an outdoor ceremony followed by a spectacular indoor reception.  Well Mother Nature had a different agenda!  The snow started that morning and pretty much just never stopped.  We have done enough weddings in MT to know a 'cover plan' is essential anytime of the year, especially late fall in the high country.  As much as the bride had hoped for an outdoor wedding ceremony, being a Montana native, and former competitive downhill skier, she is no stranger to snow and took the weather in stride.  Instead of letting the change set the tone for the day, the couple along with photographer, Cindy Cieluch, took full advantage of the snow and captured these incredible and memorable images what was a wonderful and beautiful day.   Though we had to make some changes, looking back on these pictures and the memories, maybe the snow was really a good thing!

Wedding Design: Katalin Green Design
Floral Design: Avant Floral
Photography: Cindy Cieluch Photography
Venue: Big Sky Resort

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