Monday, July 16, 2012

A Tradition Reintroduced...The Hot Shave

Because it takes two to tango, we're dedicating today's blog to the other half of the Montana Bride, the Montana Groom.  We're always on the look out for those little touches that make the Montana wedding experience special, so we're doing our part to bring back a dying art as a wedding traditon (and fabulous, dare we say pampering, experience) for the groom, his groomsmen, and the fathers.  Bozeman Barber, Bryan Kirkland just moved back to Bozeman from Texas and is offering traditional hot shaves, and we are very excited about it.  I sent my husband in to see Bryan and to experience a traditional straight razor shave first hand.  His notch and highly recommended!

"Straight razor shaves are a dying art. I benefited from the knowledge of both my grandfather and great-grandfather who were both barbers. Great-grandfather even opened on Sundays so that the men could get a shave before church.

I begin a shave with a hot towel to clean the skin and soften the whiskers. Then I apply a pre-shave oil from The Art of Shaving.  This oil both protects and prepares the skin and whiskers. Then it's another hot towel to further soften the whiskers and allow the oil to soak in. Next I apply hot lather I make from a concentrate and shave the first time with the grain.  Then a second application of lather is applied, and I shave against the grain. After a cold towel to tighten the skin back up, I apply Bay Rum after-shave skin toner. An after-shave balm to re-moisturize the skin and Then a quick pat with a dry towel lightly powdered with Club Man talc finish the shave. Finally you are treated to an old fashioned shoulder massage."
                                                                                                   ~Bryan Kirland, Barber

Bonus for the Bride....a perfectly shaved groom for that first kiss!

A couple of interesing tidbits.....
~In Montana, only a licensed Barber can give a hot shave.

~Before leaving Texas, Bryan had a cameo role as a barber in one of the new episodes of the TV  
  show, Dallas.  His client....none other than JR Ewing (Larry Hagman)

~For grooms with a mustache or beard, Bryan also offers a professional trim to make sure your look
  your best for the big day.  Don't forget the hot lather nape shave! 

Bryan is available for haircuts, hot shaves, and trims.  Contact him to schedule an appointment

The Barbershop and Shaving Parlor
220 North 7th
406-600-5241 (cell)
on facebook:

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