Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{Inspiration} Missy O' Malley ~ Living up to the Word

Inspiration is a word you hear a lot in the wedding industry. It’s understandable; our jobs revolve around the beginning of something new, two coming together in love as one. As a designer and stylist, I work in a world of creativity so I am constantly searching to be inspired. The definitions for ‘inspiration’ vary, but they generally agree to be inspired is to be moved. Artistically I am generally inspired by my environment; a building, a sunset, a mountain, a flower, a meadow, a field of sunflowers, a tumbleweed rolling across a plain, a photograph, a piece of fabric, a vintage bottle, an old can, a rustic chair, a barn, the wind swaying a field of wheat, a river meandering through a valley all move me to create. Personally, I am moved by people. Sometimes it’s the people behind the things that move me creatively and sometimes a person that I am lucky enough to meet. My son’s passion for film-making and my daughter’s undying love for her horse can move me to tears and make me want to be a better person. I am privileged to live in a place and work in an industry where inspired people swirl around creating something more than the day to day. People that look beyond themselves and make us all want to be better people. Case in point, Bozeman DJ and Sparkle, Missy O’Malley. Planning a 30th "Variety Show" birthday party for herself to celebrate the talent of others with 100% percent of the proceeds going to the YMCA. An event built around a dream of a better way, of the idea that we can and should "believe". Inspiration is a great word and maybe we sometimes tend to throw it around a bit loosely. But look hard enough and it’s there, right next to you. All you have to do is reach out and embrace it.

Go see the incredible video about The Variety Show.

For more information about The Variety Show, www.missyomalley.com

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