Friday, March 29, 2013

Chelsea + Nicholas {Featured Montana Bride Wedding}

From Chelsea
"When my husband was hoisted up onto the roof rafters to dance to "Shout," I knew I had married the right man. I shook out the grasshoppers nestled into the layers of my dress and got out on the dance floor with him. A couple of games of Big Buck Hunter, some home-made wedding whiskey, and a polka dance or two rounded out the night for a true Montana wedding. That barn was rockin' under the Big Sky."

As a DIY girl from a DIY family, I spent months designing every detail of this day and recruiting loved ones around the country to help my vision come true. From hand sewn dinner aprons to searching every thrift store within a 5-state radius for brooches for my bouquet-endless hours were donated by my family. I knew the spectacular beauty of the setting could handle the brunt of the work itself, with its quintessential red barn, golden wheat fields and purple mountains. Very few attendees were actually from my home town, so I really wanted to convey the unique, fun and welcoming atmosphere of my beloved Montana.

The day was perfect. The wildflowers were blooming, friends and family were buzzing around with the final decorations and before I knew it, I was on my dad's arm walking down the aisle. The whirlwind carrying me through the week did not slow down as we blurred through the charmingly disheveled  ceremony, hayride and dinner.

 The dancing allowed me precious moments with many loved ones but all too soon, it was "Goodnight Sweetheart." If only we had a few more hours...and I could wear that dress again!

Photographers: Orange Photographie
Catering: Bar 3 BBQ
Dress and suits: Eskay Bridal
Flowers: Dana Johnson
Cake: Laverne French
DJ: Joe's DJ Service
Venue: Lazy B Farm

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  1. We are so grateful and excited to have our work featured on your beautiful blog! This was such a fun wedding that Chelsea and her family worked so hard on, so it's wonderful to see their hard work pay off and be featured!