Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rental Essentials

If you are planning a wedding at a venue that does not have an inventory or tables, chairs and place settings, you are going to have to rent or supply your own. Your wedding planner or the professionals at one of Montana’s premier rental stores will be able to help you with rental details to fit your budget and your vision. Here are some basics to help you in your decision process. Between high-end rental shops and wedding planners, you will be able to rent just about everything you need for the perfect wedding. The only limits are your vision and budget. Here’s the scoop on the essentials.

There are 3 basic choices for tables, 60" round, 72" round and 8" banquet. High-end rental shops will also offer a variety of vintage tables which can be used for smaller eclectic seating or as a sweetheart guest table. The 60" round comfortably seats 8, the 72" round seats 10 and the banquet seats 4 per side and can accommodate diners at the ends depending on the complexity of your place settings. Keep in mind, legroom for the guests on the end may be a bit restricted.
Delivery and pickup
Flat, legs folded. Stacked in a central location

Most rental shops offer a few options for chairs. The most cost effective is the folding chair. These are generally a higher end, white plastic chair. If you are looking for a nicer chair, the chiavari (a straight back, delicate chair with a padded cushion) is available from most rental shops. High-end rental shops also offer a variety of vintage chairs. Inventory may vary and could be an issue. Vintage chairs are a great option to dress a head table.
Delivery and pickup
Folding chairs are stacked and strapped to a base. Chiavari chairs are slipcovered and stacked. Cushions are delivered separately in large bags.


Your options are limited only by our budget. Most rental shops offer linens that range from standard restaurant-grade white to beautiful custom linens. Many wedding planners also have access to extensive collections of custom linens. Keep in mind many linens are folded for delivery and will have some wrinkles and fold marks. Depending on the material, you can also release the wrinkles or folds by using water and a spray bottle. If you have heavy folds, you will have to use an iron or steamer. Napkins are shipped flat and will have to be folded.
Delivery and pickup
Linens are generally delivered folded. Bags are provided for return. If renting from more than one supplier, linens should be sorted and bagged by supplier.

Place settings / Glassware
Once again, most rental shops offer a selection of options for place settings from standard restaurant grade to mismatched vintage (a hot trend right now). You can dress up with setting with shapes, sizes, or chargers. Whether you want classic elegance or a bit more whimsy, there’s a perfect rental option for you.
Delivery and pickup
Glassware is delivered in large boxes, plates are delivered in slotted crates and silverware generally arrives in tubs. Most rental companies require these rentals be returned ‘scraped clean’. This means there should be no food particles on plates. Glasses should be rinsed. Silverware should not have food particles. All items should be returned in boxes it was delivered in.

Keep in mind if you are a DYI bride, rentals are delivered ‘raw’. That is to say they are stacked in a central location and will need to be unpacked and setup or dispersed to the proper areas of the wedding. You will also need to make sure everything is broken down and repackaged for pickup the following morning. Rental companies hit the road early, so it’s a good idea to check with your rental company representative to find out what time you are scheduled for pick-up so you can make sure you have everything ready and don’t incur any additional charges. Also, make sure you put all the rentals in a central location so everything gets loaded on the truck. If you are renting from several companies, separate the rentals by company so everyone picks up the right items. This will help you avoid possible late fees and additional running around on the day after your wedding.

Setting up and breaking down a room is time consuming work and takes a strong back. Most rental companies offer set-up and break down but generally charge on a per-piece basis. This generally only includes setting up the tables, chairs, and other infrastructure. You will still need to arrange to have the tables set. If you don’t have a planner or day of coordinator, speak with your caterer. Many caterers will set tables and box up your rental dishes at the end of the night, but there may be additional fees incurred.
The important thing is to know what you are heading into and that you schedule accordingly. If you feel like it’s more than you want to take on, contact a day of coordinator to handle the setup and breakdown. It may seem like a luxury, but believe us…it’s a small price to pay to have a relaxed and stress free wedding day.

All Design and setup by Katalin Green Events
Tables, Glassware, Vintage &Chaivari Chairs from Montana Party Rentals
Custom Rental Linens from Katalin Green Events
Sweetheart Table photo by Amelia Anne Photography
Linen and glasswear photo by:  Tori Pintar / Eye in the Sky Photography
Chair and Setup photos at Big Yellow Barn
Sweetheart Table photo at Moonlight Basin

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