Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{Featured Montana Bride Wedding} Michelle + Ted

 Ted and I went to the same school growing up. The first class I remember having with him was 6th Grade English. I remember him always being smart, and Very funny. Even though we had band class together for 7 years we never actually hung out during those years. But I strongly remember the kindness he showed to a child with special needs who wanted to meet the awesome drummer- and I realized then what a big heart he had.

 Three and half years later, while I was walking to rapid tire to pick up my car I got a text from an unknown number offering me a ride. It was Ted. He had gotten my number from a mutual friend. And while I declined the ride at the time, it began a series of hilarious conversations that peaked my interest. But our mutual friends really get a lot of credit. When everyone came home for Christmas and New Years we finally started hanging out. And when they all left again, we kept hanging out. We started dating in 2010, but I had already committed at that time to go to Fiji in 2011 for a 9 month mission trip. I warned Ted right off the bat that I would have to leave, but he decided I was worth it.

 So we spent a little less than 1 year together, 10 months apart, got engaged 2 weeks after I got home, and were married 3 months later. We had the wedding of my fairytale wedding at the depot. Thanks to our friends Mark and Amber Poynter, and their family, who handled all the decorating for us so we could have a stress-free day. The morning before the wedding, when I saw how beautiful everything had turned out I kept telling my family " I keep thinking, someone is about to have the most beautiful wedding, and then I remember that someone is me".

... now Ted and I are truly living happily ever after.

Photography: Amber Reinhardt's Photography
Venue:  The Billings Depot

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