Friday, March 28, 2014

{Montana Bride Featured Wedding} April + Zach

Our love story started during our freshman year of college at MSU. We first noticed one another during our chemistry lab class. April thought Zach was the best looking guy ever and thought there was no way that he would ever like her, but April did not know that Zach felt the same way about her.  Zach found little ways to talk to April and one night during a study group he asked her for her phone number. The funny thing is that April gave Zach her number and waited for him to call her but Zach wrote down the wrong number and he spent a lot time asking people if they knew her number.  Zach eventually got April’s phone number and we went on our first date and we have had chemistry ever since.

After Zach graduated from MSU he went to Great Falls to work as a Project Engineer for a construction firm on a hydro-electric Dam, from there he went to San Diego, California to work on water treatment plants. After April graduated from MSU she was employed in MT. For the most part, our relationship has been a long distance relationship although our love for one another has never faded. We always found a way to stay close no matter the distance. On April’s birthday, September 22, 2012, she went to San Diego to visit Zach.  We woke up early to enjoy the sun rise from the beach. As we sat on the beach in Carlsbad, California, April was playing with an orange juice top which we had just recently peeled off a Tropicana bottle. Zach took the orange juice top and slid it on April’s ring finger and when  she looked up at Zach he said in a sarcastic tone “I think it’s a little too big.” Zach then pulled out a ring box and placed it in front of April and said “this one should fit you much better!” April was speechless and after a few seconds Zach asked April to marry him.  Of course April said “yes”.  We spent the rest of our day celebrating by enjoying a Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert under the stars.  We were married on August 10, 2013 at St. Peters Church in Anaconda MT.

Photographer: MKate Photography

Catering: Butte Hill
Tuxedo Rentals: Thomas'
Dress: Plume Bridal

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