Friday, March 7, 2014

{Montana Bride Vendor Spotlight} Alara Jewelry

Every day in every way, we try to be jewelry superheroes.  A national award-winning gallery with an internationally-acclaimed designer at the helm, Alara Jewelry features the work of over 60 designers from around the corner and across the globe. Nothing same ol’, same ol’ about us, thanks to the exclusivity of many of the designer lines we proudly carry and the vast array of materials in which we work:  from platinum inlaid with petrified wood or dinosaur bone, to Yogo sapphires set in palladium; from the bridal ring fit for a queen to completely giftable bridesmaids gifts and one-of-a-kind knives for the father of the bride.

We love to educate you on diamonds and gemstones, and to that end we feature both the only zero light-leakage diamond cut in the world and the only Fair Trade diamond in the world, as well.  Our loose Yogo sapphire and Montana sapphire collections are broad in scope and high in quality…we would love to show you them, as well as all our other gemstone offerings.

For a jewel of extraordinary originality or particular specifications, our in-house designer is available for custom design consultations.  With design awards spanning 27 years and projects varying from post-modern classics to antique reproduction, Babs Noelle definitely has the experience to transform thoughts into reality.

As a producing metalsmith in her own right, Babs has established collaborative relationships with the designers whose work she carries, which means that Alara features work by celebrated designers that can be seen nowhere else in the country. Why wear what everyone else has? 

1.  What inspires you?  
As a designer, I am inspired by the intersection of emotion and artistic creation...that point where the story of a couple or a family meets the shaping of precious materials to express that story.  As a person, I am inspired by the bountiful beauty of Nature on macro and micro levels.

2.   What is your favorite place in or thing about Montana?  
My favorite place in Montana is my home on the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley.  The view heals me.

3.  What is your best piece of advice for the Montana Bride?      
Remember that it's all about you.  Your wedding will be special to your loved ones if they see all the touches that are uniquely you...not a cookie-cutter copy of someone else's dream. 

Alara Jewelry
42 W. Main Street
Bozeman, MT  59715

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