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{Montana Bride Vendor Spotlight} Larry Stanley Photography & Jennie Lynn Photography

We are a father daughter team of professional photographers. Jennie Lynn and I shoot individually for clients and sometimes together when our schedules allow.  We travel around Montana, the United States and beyond, photographing for wedding and advertising clients that value insightful and remarkable imagery. Recent destination weddings include San Diego, Fort Worth, the Bahamas, and the beautiful Hill Country near Concan, Texas.  This summer will find us in New York City in August and again in March of 2015.

Of course the list of destinations would not be complete without mentioning the weddings we photograph all over the “Big Sky Country” of Montana from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone National Park.

Our photography styles are influenced by a passion for beauty and the love of spontaneous moments. The phrase “beauty… as it occurs naturally” has come to define my personal view as a professional photographer and as a human being. I see my work as one that looks for and captures the beautiful moments that arise in every aspect of life. The celebration of the union of two people in marriage is full of this naturally occurring imagery.

We invite you to visit our beautiful, light-filled studio conveniently located 15 minutes from both downtown Bozeman and the airport. Our studio and office is upstairs with a great view of our Bridger mountains.

What inspires you?
Here in Montana, inspiration is in the environment.  All I have to do is step outside and look at the mountains in my backyard and the sky above.  The immense scope of the Absarokee mountains, the vibrant waters of the Yellowstone river and the lush, high mountain lakes and valleys near Livingston, Montana; these are my source of inspiration. 

What is your favorite place or things that I love about Montana?
My favorite place is the Paradise Valley, the scenery is awe inspiring and Yellowstone River is pure magic. And, my favorite thing is (you guessed it) swimming in the Yellowstone as much as possible.

         What is your best piece of advice for the Montana Bride?
‘FIT’.......Information offered by photographers to their potential clients is often titled “Packages and Pricing”, “Investment” or “Pricelist”.  Initially, the information presented is very necessary to find a photographer that meets your budget or price point.  However, it usually doesn’t go deeper to cover a much more important issue when hiring a photographer. That is something I call ‘FIT’.
‘FIT’, has nothing to do with packages or even price. Most photographers offer pretty much the same products, prints, albums, files, etc. which you can see and choose as an end product. But, how do you know if a photographer is a good ‘FIT’ and will capture the authenticity of your wedding?   As a wedding photographer, ‘FIT’ is so important to me that I often adjust my pricing and package contents for a couple that I relate well to.

If I truly enjoy the experience of shooting for a couple, the result is more inspired and beautiful photography.  It’s true.  Think about it, if you like the person you work for, you will be a more productive employee. The same is true with most photographers.  Just say’n.  So… how do find a photographer that is a good FIT for you?

The answer is simple. Narrow down your choices by studying wedding photography websites.  See who makes the images that speak to you.  Then meet with photographers face to face.  Realize that they will be with you for the duration of ‘your’ wedding day.  Remember this is your wedding day, not theirs!  Wedding photography is not a show or a charade. It is a service provided by those of us that have a gift for capturing images of life and love. If you choose well, you will remember the magical moments in the images they captured for years to come.

Larry Stanley Photography
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