Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Featured Montana Bride E-Session} Samantha + Riley

 One weekend night while just cruising the town, Samantha was looking through her friend’s phone’s contacts as her friend was driving. Sam saw a name she did not recognize and asked “Who is this Riley Jacobson?” Haley, Sam's friend, stated "Oh, I think he's a kid I had a class with. I don't know why I have his number though”. Sam asked if he was cute and Haley responded "Yeah, he's kinda cute". So Samantha decided it would be a good idea to text this man and see what he was up to that night. He turned out to be in the area so they met at the K-Mart parking lot where Samantha kicked off the conversation with Riley about his lifted Chevrolet truck with "sweet" wheels.....and then it all started. Riley and Sam started to hang out...a lot!

 During a summer evening Riley walked to Sam's house (about 10 blocks away) while he was texting her, making sure she would not see him, and wrote a message on her truck window asking if she would "go out" with him leaving a place to check “yes or no” with a window marker. Ever since checking that “yes”, they have been inseparable!  As the seasons changed so did their activities: In the summer, Sam would enjoy attending all of Riley's hill climb events and teaching Riley how to do water sports, kayak, and jet ski at the lake. In the fall Riley taught Sam how to shoot (starting out with buying her a .22), hunt, how to gut a deer, and took her on many fun camping trips. They also enjoy fishing, hiking, and hanging out with their good friends!

 They are each other’s best friend and companion. 4 and 3/4 years of being together later, Samantha graduated from nursing school and had a large graduation BBQ in her backyard. There, surrounded by friends and family, Riley popped the question and these two could not be happier in this next big step in life together!!!

Photography by Amber Reinhardt's Photography

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  1. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Congrats to y'all! Braaaaap!