Thursday, June 5, 2014

{Montana Bride Feature} Wendy + Abby

We met while working together at a small advertising agency in Kansas City, MO. Both of us grew up in small mountain towns, so when we visited Bozeman in the fall of 2002, we knew we had to get here as soon as possible. We moved in the spring of 2003 and have been here ever since

We’ve been together for 12 years. It wasn’t so much of a proposal as much as a decision to get married last year when the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages would be recognized federally regardless of state of residence. We were legally married in New York City in December 2013, and when our church here in Bozeman – St James Episcopal Church – approved the blessing of same-sex couples, we immediately planned a blessing and reception with our families and friends – the “real” wedding we’d dreamed of.

It was the best day – EVER. The ceremony was beautiful, a true demonstration of love capped by Father Clark Sherman’s moving homily. It was amazing to walk down the aisle together as our families and friends looked on and so fun to walk out to their cheers and claps.

Our reception was perfect, too. We wanted to create a mix of both classic and contemporary. The Baxter Ballroom is a really traditional venue, and we created some whimsical charm with gerber daisies in bright colors, cupcakes of all flavors, and French macaroons.  Dinner was delicious, family and friends were everywhere, and we all danced the night away in celebration of our union. It was truly unforgettable – and we are so grateful to our wonderful vendors for making the whole event run smoothly and perfectly.

1Advice for future Montana Brides.

1)   Have a point person for the day of your wedding – someone you trust, but someone who does not need to be anywhere else except for making sure all the vendors have what they need and who can answer any questions for you (you will be unavailable!).
2)   Have someone take you for a quick ride after your ceremony but before your reception. It’s the first chance you’ll have to spend real time together after being married – and you’ll cherish the break in the festivities.
3)   Get a hotel room for your wedding night. Don’t stay at home, don’t stay anywhere where you have any responsibility to anyone other than each other. Have someone drive you there, and ask your wedding party to make sure there are refreshments waiting for you in the room. It’s the most special time, and you will love being able to rehash the day’s events over a glass of champagne.

Photographer: Jessie Moore
Rehearsal Dinner: Nova Cafe
Ceremony Venue: Saint James Episcopal Church
Reception Venue: Baxter Ballroom
Catering: Food for Thought
Cakes & Desserts: Cakes by Jenn
Bar Service: Baxter Hotel
Photo Booth: Big Sky Photo Booth
Hair: Dezaray Paunovich
Makeup: Indulgence
Rings: Alara
Invitations: Design: Abby McMillen
Letterpress: Ice PondPress

Officiant: Rev. Dr. Clark M. Sherman

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