Friday, June 20, 2014

{Vendor Spotlight} Shucks Raw Bar

What a great experience.  Last night we were TREATED to a private oyster tasting with Bill and Patrick from Shucks Raw Bar.  And here’s our review…..5 stars!  For starters….the oyster were fabulous, fresh, and did we say fabulous! 

We were served 3 varieties:
1. Wiley point petite's from the Dammerscotta River Maine ~ all about the brine.  These were my  personal favorites.  A very strong flavor, a bite of the sea!

2. Shagokou's from Washington state ~ a firm texture with a strong flavor, but less so than the Wiley point petites.

3. Kummumotto's from Samish bay Washington ~ these were creamy, and very mild.  If you are one of those people who are nervous about oysters ( you need to get over that because you are missing out), this would be a perfect starter for you.

Even though the focus is obviously on the oysters, there’s so much more to the equation.  Eating oysters is about more than just the oyster....its about the experience.  Bill and Pat are great shuckers, and being a great shucker is about more than just opening oysters.  Conversation started out about the oysters and they filled us in on all the details.  Why they pick certain varieties, what creates the various  flavors, the importance of environment, the varieties they want to try…all the details to educate you on what you are eating ...  All the while, shucking away and putting out fresh oysters.  Whether you are a novice about oysters or you are a connoisseur, Bill and Pat can talk oysters with you and its pretty obvious they love doing it.  But we also talked about Montana, fishing, cabins in the mountains, and snakes (not sure how we got there!)  Like I said, this is an experience and the guys behind the bar are a big part of the experience your guests will have.

So if you are looking for that something extra to take your reception or party to the next level, we’ve got the inside line for you.  Shucks Raw Bar.  Fresh oysters shucked as your guests watch and enjoy the process and the conversation!  An interactive catering experience that will have you guests will love!

We should also point out, because its important, Bill and Pat work directly with the best growers and have their oysters flown in fresh.  And as someone who grew up eating oysters, I can tell you they were delicious.   

Give them a Call and Reserve your Oyster Experience Today!

Bill:  406-930-0828
Pat: 406-880-2832

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