Tuesday, July 8, 2014

{Featured Montana Bride Wedding} Hannah + Mike

 Our wedding was a "Legends of the West" theme, held at the 320 Ranch in Big Sky, MT.  Bride and groom's clothing mirrored late 19th century fashions in the Wild West and all of the reception tables were named after famous outlaws (with their names and biographies in large frames with surrounding flowers and serving as centerpieces).  But... the celebration started the day before with a classic late 1800s chuckwagon BBQ and hay ride, taking the place of a traditional rehearsal dinner.  The ceremony on the wedding day was along the Gallatin River.

 All guests attended in Old West attire, no heels or ties allowed!  Following the ceremony, a lassoing lesson was held if guests had not yet learned how to release their inner cowboy.  The reception included traditional Montana fare with elk and trout and featured an artisan cocktail list, with each of the 7 drinks named after, and matching the personality of, that particular year in the bride and groom's relationship.  The traditional wedding cake was replaced by a cobbler bar showcasing clever apple pear and mountainberry cobbler with Wilcoxin's huckleberry ice cream.

 Guests were reminded to "sign the skull", a large longhorn sitting at the reception's entrance, which served as the guest book.  Finally, let the reception begin with a two step dance lesson by Kerie Hagler of Bozeman's Dance Kinexion and Livingston, Montana's own Open Range Band featuring classic open range hits of yesteryear.  The reception also had a public tie cutting, deformalizing the attire of any guests who dared not follow the dress code and promptly tossing said tie remnants upon the ceiling fans.  What else would you expect from a Wild West Wedding?  Yeehaw!


Photography: Larry Stanley
Venue: 320 Guest Ranch
Flowers:  Big Sky Blooms
Rehearsal dinner: Chuck Wagon BBQ,  320 Ranch
Ring bearer: Rhett Butler the bunny
Custom Cocktails: 320 Ranch
Guest book: a Longhorn skull
Western dance lessons at the reception: Dance Kinexion

Band: Open Range
Whiskey: RoughStock Montana Whiskey
Cake:  cobbler and ice cream 320 Ranch
Ties:  NOT ALLOWED.  Ties were cut off by the bride and groom
Videography:  Moonstone Pictures

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