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{Montana Bride Featured Wedding} Kali + Josh | Petty Creek, MT

Our Love Story 2005

Kali’s Story: Josh and I met in early August of 2005 through mutual friends at the Mineral County Rodeo. We shared a few short conversations over the weekend, but nothing serious and we became friends over the next few years when my friends and I would road trip between Frenchtown and Superior on the weekends.

Josh’s Story: I met Ole Kali Bennett at the mineral county fair in 2005. She must have heard about me through the grapevine and had to get a look for herself. I heard she came back often hoping to run into me again.

Our Love Story 2007

Kali’s Story: Late Saturday night in Superior for the annual Mineral County Rodeo weekend in August, my long blonde haired friend Josh showed up fresh off a fire. He was in his Forest Service greens and a "bow chicka wow wow" shirt, and asked me to dance. Little did I know that the first dance would lead to a night full of swing dancing, lots of laughs, and a permanent smile attached to both of our faces.

Josh’s Story: On the last day of the fair I was tearin' up the dance floor while Kelly Hughes Band played a little tune. I gandered across the crowd for a dance partner. I locked eyes with Ole Kali Bennett and motioned for her to come over. We danced all night and I twirled her into a trance that she has yet to come out of.

First Date
Kali’s Story: Our first date was a group date to the movies with a close group of friends. My girlfriends and I were still trying to get use to those crazy Superior guys! We had so much fun with the group, and went on our first solo date the next week, also at the movies.

Josh’s Story: I made plans to meet Ole Kali Bennett at the movies. She brought friends and my no-good-low-down friends knew it, so they came too. We had a good time, so I took her on round two the next week.

Our Love Story 2008-2012

Kali’s Story: A lot happened in our relationship during these 4 years. I graduated high school and joined Josh in Missoula at the University of Montana. We lived a few blocks away for a year, and my roommates and his had many "family" nights between the two houses. Josh finished his program in school in 2010 and moved back to Superior, and I finished up school in 2012. We both learned lots about relationships, love, growing up, and long distance. During these years I was able to take my first few trips to Josh's home town in Kansas to meet the rest of the wonderful and wild Stroot clan! We have had some of our best memories together while visiting family in Kansas.

Josh’s Story: Through the college years we had lots of fun in Missoula. I eventually moved back to Superior but we made it work being 45 minutes apart from each other. I took her on a trip or two down to Kansas to meet the rest of the fam.

The Proposal:

Kali’s Story: Josh popped the question on May 8th, 2013. I had been expecting a proposal for probably the last few years, so I really had no idea when it would really happen. Josh had been assuring me for about a year prior that he was going to marry me, it is the when part that i never really knew about! We were BBQing with our friends Steve and Whitney at their home in Superior. They have two little girls that we both love to be around, and on the drive home Josh said something about how that will be him and I with little Stroots someday soon. Confused by that statement, I answered back telling him that is not going to happened because he doesn't have a ring and he hadn't asked for my dad's permission yet. I even bet him one million dollars that he did not have a ring. After we get home, he brings up the bet that I had just made him about not having the ring. (at this point it is 10 o'clock at night) He gets up off the couch and goes outside toward his truck. I started nervously yelling at him that I was about to have an anxiety attack and that this is not something to joke around about! He came back inside with a ring and gets down on one knee... Josh had bought the ring over a month before and had already asked both of my parents permission. The proposal was totally random and I didn't see it coming at all. It was just him and I alone and it was completely perfect. Spur of the moment is totally us, and I am so glad the proposal happened like that. The only bad part is now I have to come up with a million dollars.. That guy never loses a bet!!

Josh’s Story: Ole Kali Bennett had been stickin' around for a while now and I decided I kinda liked that. So i went down town with Kali's Ole friend Bridget and picked out a fancy diamond ring. Charged it to my Cabela's card so I could get something out of the deal, other than the little lady (5% cash back babyyy). I held on to it for a while, waiting for the perfect timing. She didn't believe that I actually had a ring. She asked and so I told her I did. She refused to believe me so I bet her 1,000,000 dollars. We shook on it. I retrieved the ring and presented it to her on one knee. I'm lucky to have Ole Kali Bennett and now I am a Millionaire!! (haven't recieved the $ yet)

Our wedding
It was a rainy week leading up to our wedding day. Our ceremony started at 5:30. The rained stopped at 5:29, blue sky and sunshine came out and we had a beautiful ceremony in front of 500 of our family and friends. The whole day was filled with so much laughter, love and happiness. We danced under the stars till 12:30 a.m. to the Kelly Hughes Band and when the band stopped playing there was about 250 people chanting “one more song” to the band. We all could have danced all night long. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat, it was truly the best day ever!!

Kali’s advice to other brides: Get married outdoors! Nothing beats blue skies, green grass, mountains, and dancing under the stars. Do not let your mind get consumed by the small stuff and once you finish a wedding project do not look at it again. No one remembers center pieces, but they do remember how much fun they had. Put your time and energy into your guests and how you can provide a night of nothing but entertainment!

The Vendors

Photographer: Brian Powers Photography / Wedding and Reception Location: Seven Mile Meadows, Petty Creek Montana / Dress: Designed by Watters, Adelaide Gown / Cake and deserts: Black Cat Bake Shop / Flowers: Habitat Floral Studio / Reception Band: Kelly Hughes Band / Ceremony Entertainment: Jordan Lane / Hair: Erin at Sugar Tree Salon / Makeup: Jacquline with Alchemy Mineral Blends / Food Cater: Superior Meats / Keg Beer: Tamarack Brewing Co.

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  1. Hey Kaly and Josh!! How interesting story you have shared here dear. Your photographer captured amazing photos. How beautiful you all are looking in poses. I am going to use some of the poses in my wedding photo shoot at lovely Wedding location in Chicago.