Monday, February 8, 2016

{Montana Bride Featured Wedding} | Lindsey + Jason | Glacier National Park

We fell head over heels for this Glacier wedding the moment we saw it. To those of you living here, you know it was one seriously smoky Montana summer. One of our favorite things about this wedding is that Lindsey and Jason didn't let that get in their way... if anything the smoke added to the magic of already incredible day. Thank you to the gorgeous work of Jacilyn M. Photography, we're grateful to have this beautiful event as the cover image of this year's Montana Bride magazine.
Glacier Wedding / Jacilyn M. Photography
Glacier Wedding / Jacilyn M. Phtoography / Wedding Bouquet: Katalin Green
Glacier Wedding / Jacilyn M. Photography
Glacier Wedding Flowers by Katalin Green / Jacilyn M. Photography
Boat / Glacier Wedding / Jacilyn M. Photography
Glacier Wedding / Dress: Katie May via Velvet Bride / Jacilyn M. Photography
Montana Wedding Flowers by Katalin Green / Photo: Jacilyn M. Photography
Wedding Party / Photography by Jacilyn M.

Boutonnieres by Katalin Green / Photography by Jacilyn M.

Wedding Rings / Wooden Box / Photography by Jacilyn M.

To read more about this wedding visit Jacilyn's blog here.

Photography: Jacilyn M. Photography / Ceremony + Reception Venue: Glacier Raft Company / Additional Photos:  Glacier National Park / Flowers: Katalin Green / Dress: Katie May from Velvet Bride / Hair: Stephanie Kuhl / Makeup: Kristen O'Leary

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