Tuesday, April 5, 2016

{Montana Bride Featured E-Session} | Ashley + George | Bitterroot Valley

We're a little bit obsessed with our next feature. It's pretty much a Montana fairy tale... Rodeo cowboy falls for local farm girl. So hold onto your hats because these two are gorgeous and these images from Stella Kelsie Photography are pure romance!!! You can see the whole Montana e-session right here on Stella's blog. p.s. Ashley's engagement ring is stunning.
Montana Engagement Session Stella Kelsie Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
Marquise Cut Diamond Ring / Montana Engagement Stella Kelsie Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
Montana Engagement / Stella Kelsie Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
Montana Engagement / Stella Kelsie Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
Engagement Ring / Stella Kelsie Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
Montana Engagement Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
Montana Engagement / Stella Kelsie Photography @stellakelsiemt / #montanabridemag
From the Stella... George grew up in northern California near Lake Tahoe, went to college in northeastern Oregon, then spent 7 years living and working in Klamath Falls, Oregon before he finally decided to hit the rodeo trail to ride bucking horses full time. He'd traveled a good portion of the country before he finally found himself pulling up to the Great Falls rodeo grounds for the first time. George and his traveling partner had a night to kill so they decided to be social after they'd found out a concert had just ended and everybody was congregating. George was surprised to see several friends from rodeo but it was the presence of a local farm girl that kept catching his attention.

From George.... It was pretty casual and thoughtless at first, just an introduction, a little flirting and conversation that eventually led us to gain respect and an interest to learn more about each other. By the end of the night, it occurred to me that I may have found the girl I'd always dreamed of and wondered even existed. We decided to take a chance and test the waters with a trip to the Omak rodeo the following weekend where Ashley had to drive 5 hours to pick me up at the Spokane airport, drive to the rodeo and back to the airport, then go back home for work. I knew that I was really putting this girl to the test, especially when I called her thinking I might back out due to the flight prices increasing to an astronomical $800 after she'd already drove to Spokane and got a room to be ready for me to fly in the next morning. I could sense the disappointment in her voice when I told her, so I decided to go on with it and not let her down. Luckily, I placed 7th and won just enough money to cover the flight.

From Ashley... George proposed to me on our four year anniversary in the middle of a pasture on my family’s ranch surrounded by my dad's herd of cows. This may not sound romantic orexciting to some people, but for me it was perfect. There really is "no place like home" and the wide open spaces and endless wheat fields of northcentral Montana is where my heart is.From George: "We feel our dreams are coming true slowly and steadily. Besides Ashley's beauty, I see things unique about her character that make her special. She supported my endeavors and decisions, and went out of her way to help in any way she could. I recognized how she treated everyone with such kindness and how everyone she came in contact with loved her. She became my best friend, the one I could count on anytime for anything, the one I enjoyed being around most, the one I want by my side for eternity.

Photography: Stella Kelsie Photography

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