Thursday, May 12, 2016

{Montana Bride Featured E-Session} | Kimberly + Jedd | Lake Como, Montana

If you have the opportunity to do engagement photos, do it. It's not only a rare quite moment for you and your partner pre-wedding day hustle and bustle but it's a great chance to get to know your photographer. This e-session by Stella Kelsie Photography is evidence as to just how worthwhile an investment it can be. Gorgeous photos of your and your future spouse in a place you love. Not exactly a tough deal. This couple headed to Lake Como in the Bitterroots for their love-sesh and every single image is beyond breathtaking.

From the bride... We took a Sunday drive up the coast of California. Not an odd drive for us to take, although he was eager to buy me whatever I wanted that day. We had lunch at Ragged Point Restaurant on Hwy 1and then drove back down the hill and pulled off the highway to walk out to a secluded beach. Jedd brought our traveling wine case (also not out of the norm), but when we sat down and I opened the case, there was a bottle of wine that we had been saving, as the winery closed and it was our favorite wine - last bottle! I was so surprised and shocked, but not as shocked when I saw a beautifully shining ring sitting in one of the travel wine glasses next to the bottle. I was so surprised, I didn't say anything, just looked at him in shock. He then asked me to marry him... all I could say is "are you sure?" until I said yes and started to tear up... He was so calm, I was very impressed.

From the photographer... Jedd and Kimberly decided on Montana as their wedding destination mostly because it was a good ‘ half-way’ point between his family and hers, but also because Jedd had lived in the Bitterroot Valley at one point in his life, and they loved the area! They arrived in Montana in time to get all of the final prep done for their wedding, and to have some fun with their families while everyone was visiting. I had the pleasure of taking them out to Lake Como for their engagement session just a week before the big day, and wow - it was a dream! The weather was perfect, the lake was calm, and Jedd and Kimberly looked amazing together. I loved how simple and clean their look was. These two compliment each other perfectly in every way!

Photography: Stella Kelsie Photography / Makeup: Courtney Petty, Courtney Nic Makeup & Fx


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