Thursday, November 30, 2017

Megan + Daniel | Rainbow Ranch | Big Sky Montana

What's better than a Montana Wedding…. Southerners getting married in Montana.  Seriously, just turn the fun up to 11!  Flyfishing, bourbon, family and lots of love mixed in with some a southern accent.  Enjoy Y'all!

Rehearsal: Rainbow Ranch
Ceremony & Reception: Rainbow Ranch
Wedding Planner: Katalin GreenEvents
Florist: Katalin Green Flowers
Catering, Cake and Bar: Rainbow Ranch
Photo Booth: Montana Pic in a Box
Band: Tiny Band (Not Tiny at all)
Ceremony Music: Mandolin, Violin and Guitar Trio headed by Tom Murphy at
Hair-Brittney and Cori from TheorySalon Bozeman, MT
Shoes: Bride Betsey Johnson Stela in gold glitter but bride went barefoot for the ceremony(and lets me honest majority of the reception too)
Gown Shop: Ivory and Beau in Savannah, GA
Tuxedos: Groomsmen all wore their personal tuxedos but all wore JL socks designed by groomsman Louis Oswald found at
Rings: ETSY

Officiant: Beth Renick at Big SkyWedding Ceremonies

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