Sunday, April 26, 2020

Bottega, Billings, Bagels and Braydon

 Braydon and I first met at a fashion show for a local clothing boutique, Bottega. A few days before the show, my colleague and friend was telling me about one of the male models who was "SO good looking" and "just my type". We laughed about the prospect and I was intrigued to meet this guy named "Brandon". I have a faint memory of the first time I saw B, but mostly I just remember how skinny he was. I joke now that I saw Braydon shirtless more on the first encounter than the totality of our relationship, as he was striping off his clothes and flinging them in my face to change into his next outfit. After the show, B asked me to grab a drink with him, and although it went well, I was moving to my next escapade in a short few months and just knew there was zero chance of maintaining anything with him. We lost contact throughout the years, both absorbed in our lives of adventures and moves.

 Fast forward 6 years later, I was back in Montana sorting out the logistics for my move to Billings for nursing school. My mom and I stopped into a bagel shop to grab a quick bite before our day started. There standing in front of me in line, in all his skinny glory, was Braydon-male-model-extraordinaire. A quick exchange of pleasantries and we were off in separate directions again. But, DAMN wasn't he strikingly handsome!, I kept thinking to myself.

A few weeks later, I received a message from Braydon regarding our previous encounters and asking how I was/what I was doing in life. As excited as I was to be receiving messages from this disgustingly beautiful man, I had to play it cool because I was dealing with Mr. Cool himself. Fortunately for our story, our plans to play it cool faded fairly quickly and after only a couple months, we were completely smitten with one another. 

 Life has given Braydon and I many blessings and luxuries. We are so fortunate to have the family and friends and experiences we do. The road to each other was long and winding, but filled with lessons and love. We are more seasoned and savvy because of where we have been. Our intersecting lives have been filled with serendipitous moments, moments that have been designed by Something much greater than Braydon and I. We look forward with all of our being to a lifetime of the big and the little moments together.


Allison Kazmierski
Graphic Designer & Photographer  /  406.671.4661


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