Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPhone...iDo! ... Yellowstone 1

I have lived in Montana for twenty years and have always wanted to visit Yellowstone by snowcoach.  So this year to celebrate the next chapter of a very dear friend's adventure in life, we loaded up the family and joined him on a snowcoach tour of Yellowstone!  It was everything I always imagined it would be.  But for me there always those hidden gems that make things even more special! 

There were plenty of gems on this trip (watch for future blog posts), but the standout for me had to be Ranger Rita Garcia at Old Faithful.  Whether she was herding guests away from the bison, or answering questions and offering information, Ranger Rita did so with an incredibley upbeat and cheerful demeanor.  But it was her seemingly overflowing enthusiasm for her job and obvious love for Yellowstone made my stop at Old Faithful the real highlight of the trip for me.  Old Faithful, wrapped in steam, was gorgeous, but it was Ranger Rita that really inspired me.  How fabulous to have to the opportunity to meet such a wonderful woman who takes so much joy in her surroundings and her job, and shares it so willingly and with such a positive attitude.  So 2 Thumbs up for Ranger Rita...thanks for making my dream trip to Yellowstone such a wonderful experience and for leaving me inspired to approach each day with such joy and enthusiasm! 

iPhone...iDo is a series on inspirational moments, places, and people captured on the iPhone of Montana event designer and florist, Katalin Green.

More information on this trip
Snowcoach Trip booked thru Yellowstone Alpen Guides  (we give them 5 stars...excellent)
Our guide was Alice and we highly recommend her!

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