Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iPhone....iDo do I capture inspiration?

I love my iPhone and one of the things I love the most is the ability to snap great pictures of inspring things, moments, and people.  I can catalog them, email them, send to facebook or pinterest and share them with you through this blog.  So welcome to iPhone....iDo!

For my first tunbleweed!  If you live in Montana, you've probably seen the tumbling tumbleweed rolling across open spaces.  Well I chased a few down and brought them home with me.  Though I had an objective when I collected them, they ended up hanging in my studio waiting for a free minute when they could be transformed.  But in a way by not being transformed, they have transformed from the original objective.  In thier tumbleweed form, they are a constant reminder of the potential that inspiration holds.  By not changing them, they represent the open-ended, the many paths that can be taken to different ends.  In that, they serve as a source of contant inpiration.  I am able to rethink them on daily basis. So maybe they will become something else and maybe they will just stay tumbleweeds, but either way, they are really so much more!

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