Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Better Way to Get There

We love Montana!  So unlike a lot of wedding blogs that talk about how to pick the dress or the stories behind wedding traditions, we decided to make the Montana Bride blog all about what we love...Montana!  I'm not saying we won't eventually post about dresse and wedding traditions (because we do love a beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress!), but we just keep getting distracted by this incredible State in which we live and work, and that's what we want to share with you. 

The fabric of Montana is its scenic vistas, mountain landscapes, and pristine rivers.  But just take any back road and you will find the thread that holds it all together, the small locally-owned busineses, restaurants, inns, B&B's, and the people that run and work there.  These places and people are the heart and soul of Montana and for us, that's what makes Montana such an incredible place.  One minute you are driving through some of the most beautiful wide-open space in the country, and then seemingly out of nowhere, theres a small town, maybe just a restaurant and a few homes.  The parking lot may be full or there may be the just a truck or two, but in our opinion, its always worth a stop!  We drive all over the state and stop in at these establishments whenever we can.  We are rarely disappointed.  A good hearty meal, some friendly conversation, a colorful story or two and we are always the better for it.  One of favorite drives is the East River Road from Chico to Livingston, and Pine Creek Cafe is a must stop.  We just had an incredible breakfast there the other morning on our drive back from a lovely night at Chico Hot Springs.  So get off the main track, explore a little, and stop into a local joint to find out what Montana is really all about.  Enjoy!

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