Saturday, May 10, 2014

{DIY Montana Bride} Fresh Flowers from the Local Farmer's Market

Even though we get flowers flown in from around the world on a weekly basis, I LOVE going to the local farmer’s market and buying locally grown fresh flowers.  First off, it’s just a great experience to hit a local market and meet the growers.  Plus, I love the organic nature of designing the centerpieces in the location environment.    If you are planning on visiting a local market for flowers, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. We recommend getting bouquets and boutonnières from a local florist.  Building these pieces and having them come out the way you want them can be a little trickier than putting together arrangements.  As we have often said, the bride’s bouquet is the most important floral element, so focus your budget on it and then build the other pieces from there.
  2. Get to the Farmer’s Market early!!!  In our experience, flowers go fast.  We are generally there before the doors open and make a beeline for the flower booth.  If you want to shop or look around, do it after your get your flowers.
  3. Be prepared to work with the available varieties.  Stock will vary, but for us part of the fun is working with the flowers the growers have.  No matter the selection, your arrangements are going to be beautiful, fresh and personal!
  4. Bring containers!  Most growers do not supply containers.  We love the large utility buckets (5 gallon paint bucket) from the local hardware store.
  5. Bring cash.  Most vendors will take local checks and some can take credit cards with the square, but it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand.

Mason jars are trending now and are a great way to display fresh cut flowers.  You can either buy them new or hit a few antique shops to buy a mismatched collection of vintage jars.  Also trending…mismatched vintage containers.  Old cans to vintage vases…put together a whimsical collection to display your centerpiece arrangements.  No matter what you choose, have fun and spend some time with flowers and friends to add a personal touch to your tables.

Flowers from The Hamilton Farmer's Market, Hamilton MT
Grower: Scented Garden & Greenhouse
              Sandie Fleishchmann, Owner


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