Friday, February 28, 2014

{Montana Bride Vendor Spotlight} Mac's Floral

Mac’s Floral is a full service event floral company.  Wether it’s petals down the aisle or elaborate archways and centerpiece decor, we can assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams!  Mac’s Floral takes time to engage each client and ensure their event has a signature all it's own.  By focusing on overall colors, theme, and atmosphere we can coordinate floral choices to maximize the visual impact. 

1. What inspires you?  
Everything!  Nature, other artists, friends and family, cooking, travel.  Immersing yourself in something else and taking advantage of the moment. 

2  What is your favorite place in or thing about Montana?  
The places I love the most, well there are so many!  I love the mountains in summertime and the rushing water.  I think the thing I like about MT the most is how absolutely beautiful this place is no matter the season.  

3. What is your best piece of advice for the Montana Bride?  
Focus on what matters most to you.  Don't let tradition dictate your wedding.  And spend the money to hire professionals.  I promise you will be happy you spent the money in the right places to ensure a successful and stress free wedding! 

Mac's Floral  
Katie Bennett (Owner/Designer)
661 Garnet  
Billings, MT 59105

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