Monday, May 5, 2014

{Montana Bride Vendor Spotlight} KC Kreit Photography

I started taking pictures as a child so that way as my family and I moved from state to state and traveled around the country I could capture every memory and send it back east to show the rest of my family. Taking pictures was a way of keeping in touch and it helped me feel like through those pictures they could be in our lives even when they were thousands of miles away. To this day I still take... pictures to show my family, but I also have realized that in this hobby I have begun to establish a career. Each picture I take is how I see each fleeting moment and I try to use angles and lighting to capture those moments in a unique way that will set them apart from the thousands of others that have already been taken. In my efforts to keep my pictures unique I only do a minimal amount of editing to help them retain the natural beauty of life.

What inspires you?
This picture that I chose for my vendor spotlight captures where I am in my life right now. My boyfriend, Robert, has been such inspiration and has helped immensely in helping me shape my passion into business. After 2 years of doing photography, with his support and handiwork, I was able to open up my own studio in downtown Great Falls last Saturday. I didn't want to use a picture of just myself because honestly he is a huge part of who I have become. He is my everything. With that said, while he is a huge inspiration to me, I am also truly inspired by Montana's beauty as a whole. I believe that every rolling plain, lush foothill, and towering mountain offer their own level of natural beauty. As a photographer I try to capture as much of that beauty  as I can in my photos so that way others can enjoy the natural beauty of our state.

What is your favorite place in Montana?
My favorite place in Montana is (beyond a doubt) Yellowstone! I have been fascinated ever since my family and I first vacationed there when I was a young child. Every time I go there it leaves me in awe. There are so many cool places to go and things to see.  I never get tired of seeing the beautiful colors of the paint pots and watching the bison graze. I could go on and on, but for our sake I will keep it short and sweet!

What's your best advice for a Montana Bride planning her wedding?
My best piece of advice for the Montana Bride would be this - whenever things get overwhelming with the wedding plans take a step back and remember what this day is all about! Think of all the memories you two have shared so far and of all the moments you will get to share in the future. Take a deep breath and smile because this is the day you are getting to be united with the one you love. This is your day to celebrate and be happy! 

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