Friday, May 2, 2014

Pre Engagement Session ~ Montana Style

We LOVE these images and the Love Story…So glad we can share them with you.

This is the story of Lyle  and Allie . This one is very close to my heart-partially because Lyle is my cousin and Allie is my very best friend.  Allie and I went to college together in West Palm Beach, Florida, played on the same volleyball team, and through that became best friends.  My junior year of college (Allie's sophomore year) I told Allie that she needed to meet my cousin because I knew they would hit it off.  One problem:Lyle lived in Scotland-both said, "Kristin, you're crazy it will never work."  I ended up going to Scotland last January for a visit, Lyle confessed to me that he wanted to skype Allie.  We skyped with her and they ended up talking for an hour or so.  Pretty soon skype turned into texting, calling, letter writing, and eventually officially meeting in March.  Lyle said it was love at first sight. 

This past summer they came out to Montana for my sisters wedding and we did a photoshoot here in Billings.  We had so much fun running around town finding different places to shoot-they both love Montana.

Photography by Cousin, Best Friend and Montana Photographer: Kiristin Carroll

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