Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration on the Road

One of my favorite aspects of my job is getting to travel around Montana to scout locations, meet with couples and their familes,  and visit venues and vendors.  Along the way I get to explore some very cool places and meet a lot of wonderful people.  One of my all time favorite places is Philipsburg.  I spent my last anniversary at the The Broadway Hotel, located smack dab in the middle of town and loved everything about it from the room to the proprietor.  And if you have a sweet-tooth, here's a secret...heaven is in Philipsburg!  The Sweet Palace is one of my families favorite places. There are buckets upon buckets of every kind of candy you can imagine.  That favorite candy from childhood...odds are they have it! And the handmade fudge....well lets just say we never have any left when we get back home.

I always find something inspiring in this little town, and on my most recent trip, we stopped in at Doe Brothers restaurant before heading over to the venue.  Our waitress, Mandy, was wonderful!  Another reason I love Montana, the people i get to meet on my travels around the state.   A real old fashioned soda fountain and restaurant, it is the kind of place many towns and cities have unfortunately lost, a place for locals and visitors to gather and spend a little time chatting over coffee or lunch.  I loved the color palette as well as the form so I snapped a few pics on the iphone and straight to pinterest!  Not sure where I will use it yet, but rest assured its on the inspiration board and when the occasion arises, it will be there. 

But ultimately, my inspiration is about so much more than color and form.  The real inspiration I get from towns like Philipsburg is deeper than that.  Its hard to say exactly, but they encompass the spirit of Montana, the can do perseverance, the celebration of the past with an eye to future, and the welcoming nature of the state.  Its about people that love a place and put their all into that place, letting it shine for others.  That is the true inspiration I take from Philipsburg.

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