Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspiration in the Place

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
                   - William Carlos Williams

My daughter has been riding since she was 4, so we have always gone out to her barn on Sundays to help with chores.  As much as we might not want to crawl out of bed when its zero or below (not a problem this year!), we pile outselves into layer upon layer of clothing and head out.  Horses expect their hay no matter what the weather.  But once we're out there and moving horses, mucking stalls, and loading hay, its actually a great place to be.  Though I only occasionally get on a horse, I like being around them. They have a peaceful quality to them (at least most of the time).  But mostly, I love being in a different space.  Its hands on phones, no computers...and it gives me time to think, to be inspired.  On top of being around these magnificiant animals, I am always taken by the beauty that is my own backyard.  The morning sun rising over the Bridger Mountains looming large just behind me, the snow-covered Spanish Peaks to the South, the Tobacco Roots to the West, all remind me of just what an incredible place this is.  Its easy to take your 'place' for granted as life whizzes by, but when you are standing out in it, the cold of a Montana morning biting at you, the horse you are leading covered in frost, its hard to not to realize how blessed we are in Montana.  One of the reasons I originally started planning weddings was my love for the beauty Montana offered and my belief it could be a top wedding destination.  So no matter how cold, I head out on Sunday to feed the horses and to be reminded of just how lucky I am.

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